[PROXYPER] Random prefix

Shawn Tayler stayler at powernet.net
Sat Apr 3 08:35:14 EST 1999

A parallel point if I may.

I'm using sneakernet to get blocks to about 8 machines that don't have an easy Internet access.  I am using my 
PProxy at home to get the blocks and an extra client on my home system to generate and flush the block files.   I 
have been manually editing the INI files of the client machines that are on sneakernet, setting the randomprefix 
variable to numbers ahead of the current blocks, sometime far ahead.  

Question:  Will the clients, if left to their own designs, set the variable themselves, based on the last block they 

On Sat, 3 Apr 1999 15:57:53 +0100 (GMT), David Taylor wrote:

>> 04/02/99 21:45:20,server: Assigned us rc564 8f8c5400:a0000000, 
>> iter 64
>> 04/02/99 21:45:20,Using new randomprefix 0x90, replacing 0x8e
>> 04/02/99 21:45:20,server: Got ack of rc564 8f4fcc3d:00000000, 
>> iter 1
>I think I see a pattern here.  It was assigned a block from 0x8f.
>It then used random prefix 0x90 (One ahead of 0x8f).

(From the Dark Side of Planet OS/2)

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