[PROXYPER] ppstats v6.6

David Taylor rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Sat Apr 3 20:32:51 EST 1999

I'm currently using 6.5, and for some unkown and weird reason it appears
to enjoy completely crashing my linux system (yes, linux can crash).

It has twice managed to get init to hang, using up all the CPU time, and
not starting any new programs, Nothing can get it to respond (Even
Alt-Sysreq-L doesn't kill init - or anything else for that matter).

I'm not sure where the problem lies though.. A couple other times,
I've come back to see a number of processes have been Zombified, but if I
kill pp-stats, and the zombies, everything comes back to normal.  I think
the problem is something to do with memory - as both times it's crashed
'Out of memory for <varous programs>.' has been printed to the console
(because by this time syslogd/klogd has died).

Sometimes when I run it by hand it works, others it hangs.

I tried fiddling about with perl -d, and i managed to discover at some
point it was setting $year to 1988 (is that some internal value, or are my
logs fscked?), and it didn't seem to set it to anything else..

David Taylor
E-Mail:	dtaylor at nildram.co.uk.spam
ICQ:	268004
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