[PROXYPER] ppstats v6.6

Kevin Pesce kpesce at maine.rr.com
Sat Apr 3 16:02:34 EST 1999

Wow! Ya its pretty unusual for a LInux box to crash. I can only imagine
that you are running out of resources - either RAM (likely) or hard drive
space. Would you mind posting the specs on the server that you are running
ppstats on? Perhaps that can point to the problem. Perl 5.0 and GNUplot
3.7 are not exactly small programs in their own right  ;)

In any event, its unlikely v6.6 is going to fix the problems you are
having with v6.5  With only the description you gave, I would try setting
$max_days = 30  or so. That will only read the last 30 days of log files
and will save you some precious memory. Other than that I would suggest
adding more RAM.

What can I say, I'm not Larry Wall ;)


On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, David Taylor wrote:

> I'm currently using 6.5, and for some unkown and weird reason it appears
> to enjoy completely crashing my linux system (yes, linux can crash).
> It has twice managed to get init to hang, using up all the CPU time, and
> not starting any new programs, Nothing can get it to respond (Even
> Alt-Sysreq-L doesn't kill init - or anything else for that matter).
> I'm not sure where the problem lies though.. A couple other times,
> I've come back to see a number of processes have been Zombified, but if I
> kill pp-stats, and the zombies, everything comes back to normal.  I think
> the problem is something to do with memory - as both times it's crashed
> 'Out of memory for <varous programs>.' has been printed to the console
> (because by this time syslogd/klogd has died).
> Sometimes when I run it by hand it works, others it hangs.
> I tried fiddling about with perl -d, and i managed to discover at some
> point it was setting $year to 1988 (is that some internal value, or are my
> logs fscked?), and it didn't seem to set it to anything else..
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