[PROXYPER] Problem with proxy and linux ?

Dmitri Besedin nickms at com2com.ru
Mon Apr 12 08:18:15 EDT 1999


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> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: Contest rc564 didn't handle a packet!
> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: Closing client connection.
> [04/12/99 01:54:55 UTC] rc564 r=0/25, d=0/3, 8.3 Mkeys/sec, tot=45
> [04/12/99 01:54:55 UTC] desII r=0/20, d=0/100, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0

As I see from this part of the proxy listing, your proxy is running out of
blocks when such behavior starts. What's your proxy connectivity mode? If
you have permanent Internet connection on your Linux box, set the
connectivity mode to be always online, i.e. ensure that you have the line
"connectivity=normal" in your PProxy .ini file. Also, increase the IN buffer
to handle more blocks. See README.TXT in your PProxy directory to find how
to do it. This should address your problem.

> If the clients are manual flushed, they seem to upload their
> finished blocks fine.

The problem is that when the clients try to do it automatically, they do
FETCH first, and if it's unsuccessful (there's no blocks left in the proxy),
they halt this operation, not reaching the FLUSH point. When you FLUSH them
manually, it works fine.

> Some times they get to download a few keyblocks, but often they dont. And
> somes times a client will get a few blocks and the next few times nothing
> but error.

They DO download keybloks when your proxy isn't yet ran out of blocks!


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