[PROXYPER] Problem with proxy and linux ?

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Mon Apr 12 09:37:31 EDT 1999

Matthew wrote:

>> As I see from this part of the proxy listing, your proxy is running out of
>> blocks when such behavior starts.

MG>  I noticed that after I sent the message.

>> What's your proxy connectivity mode?

MG>  Default..

>> If
>> you have permanent Internet connection on your Linux box, set the
>> connectivity mode to be always online, i.e. ensure that you have the line
>> "connectivity=normal" in your PProxy .ini file.

>> Also, increase the IN buffer
>> to handle more blocks.

MG>  I did that, and it improved things, but it looks like I need LOTS of
MG> blocks available.

MG>  Ill make the buffer even bigger!.

I run the proxy here, supplying 16 PC (P-II 266 and up), and have the
proxyper in buffers set to 1000 blocks... that lasts for 8 hours if
all machines are on, but it lasts 24 hours if only 3-5 machines are


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