[PROXYPER] Problem with proxy and linux ?

David Taylor rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Mon Apr 12 15:33:53 EDT 1999

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Matthew Geier wrote:

>  Im trying to use a proxy (running under Linux, RH 5.2 and kernel 2.2.5)
> and there seems to be some problems - the clients seem to often get
> an error and abort downloading new keyblocks. They never seem to actually
> get around to sending their finished blocks back.

That usually means that there are no new keyblocks.

>  The Linux box has 2 ethernet interfaces, one in the 'public' network
> and one in the private. The Linux box (dual PII) is also running the
> cracking client.
>  This is an example of what im seeing on the proxy side -
> [04/12/99 01:53:49 UTC] Accepted connection from address

I think you missed a few IPs when you were masking them...

> [04/12/99 01:53:49 UTC] x.x.x.203: Client requesting communication

Client comes along.. Requests blocks.

> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: assigned rc564 936ba50d:90000000, iter 7
> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: assigned rc564 936c0d87:40000000, iter 8
> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: assigned rc564 936c0d87:c0000000, iter 4
> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: assigned rc564 936c0d88:00000000, iter 4
> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: assigned rc564 936c0d88:40000000, iter 2

Is assigned 25 blocks.

> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: Contest rc564 didn't handle a packet!

The proxy runs out.

> [04/12/99 01:53:50 UTC] x.x.x.203: Closing client connection.

Disconnects the client.

> [04/12/99 01:54:55 UTC] rc564 r=0/25, d=0/3, 8.3 Mkeys/sec, tot=45

Oh look.. At the start the proxy had 25/25, it assigned 25 it has now
run out, and is unable to send blocks to anywhere.

> [04/12/99 01:54:55 UTC] desII r=0/20, d=0/100, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0

This is probably a bit low as well, but it doesnt matter that much, as
DES is currently closed :)

> [04/12/99 01:55:06 UTC] Accepted connection from address
> [04/12/99 01:55:07 UTC] x.x.x.200: Client requesting communication

Another client (another unmasked IP) comes along.

> [04/12/99 01:55:07 UTC] x.x.x.200: Contest rc564 didn't handle a packet!

Requests a block.  It cant give it a block, so...

> [04/12/99 01:55:07 UTC] x.x.x.200: Closing client connection.

... it closes the connection.

> [04/12/99 01:56:45 UTC] Accepted connection from address
> [04/12/99 01:56:46 UTC] x.x.x.209: Client requesting communication
> [04/12/99 01:56:47 UTC] x.x.x.209: Contest rc564 didn't handle a packet!
> [04/12/99 01:56:47 UTC] x.x.x.209: Closing client connection.

Same again.

> [04/12/99 01:56:56 UTC] rc564 r=0/25, d=0/3, 7.7 Mkeys/sec, tot=45

Still out of blocks.

>  The clients are a mix of Linux and windows NT 'service'. A number of the
> NT machines are on a private network and the only way they can get keys is
> via the personal proxy as they cant see the internet.
>  If the clients are manual flushed, they seem to upload their finished blocks
> fine.

Yes, because the proxy will accept the blocks -- its only when they
request blocks the proxy disconnects them.
>  Some times they get to download a few keyblocks, but often they dont. And
> somes times a client will get a few blocks and the next few times nothing
> but error.

Yes, because sometimes you have enough blocks.  Where do you expect them
to get blocks from if the proxy doesnt have any?
>  The proxy is v303 and the clients were downloaded from the web site in the
> last week or so...

Hmm.. v304 is out now for most (if not all) platforms that v303 is
available for.  (That isn't the problem though)
>  Any one offer any ideas ?

Easy.  Buffer more blocks.

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