[PROXYPER] pers proxy comunication w/ key server troubles

Dean Morrell dmorrell at auntvi.com
Wed Apr 14 09:20:12 EDT 1999

All my machines are behind a firewall.  I can work any one machine with the newest
client just fine.  I am using the newest proxy.  I downloaded it yesterday.

I saw nothing about passwords on the proxy readme or in the .ini .

Any other ideas I can check?


WINKELMANS Gunther wrote:

> Please give us more information.
> Are you using the most recent version of the perproxy? I had the same
> problem last year with an older version of the perproxy.
> Do you need a login & password to connect your client through the firewall?
> There is a remark in the notes that come with the perproxy that the
> encrypted pwd value has to be copied manually from the client.ini to the
> perproxy.ini.
> Best Regards,
> Gunther
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> From: B K <rom16384 at yahoo.com>, on 13/04/99 21:50:
> To: SMTP at MASTER.PER@BELGACOM[<proxyper at lists.distributed.net>]
> Hi,
> I'm trying to configure a personal proxy in my machine
> (WinNT 4.0).
> I'm behind a firewall w/ a http proxy.
> The problem is this: a single client comunicates well
> with the keyserver via http tunneling but if I
> configure  then personal proxy to use the same settings
> as the client, the proxy can't get to talk to the keyserver! The proxy
> comunicates just fine with
> my clients. I have some 150 blocks in the proxy buffers
> that I can't manage to send to a key server :-(
> What does "Maximum server count of 1 already reached"
> means?
> Help!
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