[PROXYPER] pers proxy comunication w/ key server troubles

No minge at connect4free.net
Thu Apr 15 12:06:37 EDT 1999

Not that it helps anyone - but I have exactly the same problems too.  I gave
up on it and am just using very large buffer-in's.

>Hi all,
> I have just installed a new personal proxy and I see exactly
>the same thing (and I thought it was just me!).
> The manual telnet seems to work so I dont know why the proxy
>cant communicate. Http seems to be broken as well.
> Everything was working just fine with the old v 290 (?) proxy.
>But in this new proxy I can not get either the http or telnet tranfers
>to work!
> Has anyone got any ideas on how to get this proxy version to work?

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