[PROXYPER] Proxyper e-mailing logs? (and wstart issues)

Dean Morrell dmorrell at auntvi.com
Fri Apr 16 09:36:47 EDT 1999

I can't answer your Bovine questions, but I do know a little about networking and
DHCP.  If you want to resolve a name, you have to run WINS or DNS.  As far as I
know, DNS cannot work with DHCP without your regular intervention.  That leaves
WINS (windows internet naming service; NT only).  WINS will resolve a netBIOS
name; that is, the name you gave the computer in your network setup.  It will work
something like this.

I have registered a domain name.  It is Auntvi.com (we make pasta here). My NT
server may be called Server-NT.  To access it from my win95 workstation I can call
it \\Server-nt or because I am using DNS from my ISP and  IIS I can call it
http://Server-NT or http://Server-NT.auntvi.com.

A great book on all of this networking stuff is Mastering Windows NT Server 4
published by Sybex, written by Mark Minasi.  Get at least the 6th edition.


Tom Cramer wrote:

> Is there a way to e-mail proxyper logs out automatically under Win95?  I'd
> like to be able to do this so I can use a log analyzer on my linux box
> automatically for the proxy I am running at work.
> Also, on an unrelated note, wstart is doing it's job well for hiding the
> proxy and allowing it to run as a service under 95.  (Sigh, if only one NT
> machine would be allowed to be hooked to this network and have an internet
> connection.)  But seeing that it doesn't come up saying I have to shutdown
> the proxy, whats happening to it?  Is it being shutdown gracefully or
> forcefully?  I'm assuming forcefully, as I had to add unlock and repair to
> the startup.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening, or minimize
> the blocks lost?  (I remember hearing something about the proxy buffering
> some blocks only in memory...)
> And finally, what controls 95's ability to resolve a computer name to an IP
> on a DHCP LAN?  For example, I want "ping pod2-station4" to return
>, but I noticed a few computers having a problem with this.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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