[PROXYPER] Pre-release version of proxy available.

William Scott Lockwood III scottlockwood at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 29 12:11:17 EDT 1999

Hi Jeff!
Subject: [PROXYPER] Pre-release version of proxy available.
> In an attempt to ensure the quality of the upcoming personal proxy
> release, I am making a pre-release version of it available for download.

And what a truely excellent idea this was!

> Anyone who downloads the above zipfile is expected to send detailed
> feedback indiciating positive/negative experience with this new beta
> within 48 hours of downloading.  Please send your feedback directly to me
> at bovine at distributed.net

The only real negative comments I have are ones that may not apply.  :-)
Here's some feedback:

  Allow the proxy to resolve a name like \\lockwood as well as
(Which is the address for that machine).  I have my PerProxy behind a
firewall.  So far, it will only allow connections to it's IP address rather
than the machine name.  Is it possible to get it to recognize this as well?

  The way it came "out of the box" so to speak, it wouldn't give my clients
any blocks.  Each of them is set with a low # of blocks, like 20 on the one
and 40 on the other.  The Proxy didn't attempt to fill it's buffers when I
first set it up.  Should it detect that it has no blocks and try to
establish a network connection?  It didn't, I had to Ctrl-Break it.  I
should specify here, that it DID know it was out of blocks...  It just
didn't try to get any...

Thanks for the pre-release,
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