[PROXYPER] Pre-release version of proxy available.

Thorsten Seidel urmel at y-tours.de
Thu Apr 29 20:44:37 EDT 1999

Moin !

> > In an attempt to ensure the quality of the upcoming personal proxy
> > release, I am making a pre-release version of it available for download.
> And what a truely excellent idea this was!

Absolutely true ! It was like x-mas :-)

> > Anyone who downloads the above zipfile is expected to send detailed
> > feedback indiciating positive/negative experience with this new beta
> > within 48 hours of downloading.  Please send your feedback directly to me
> > at bovine at distributed.net

You will receive an extra mail on monday.... but one comment here:

I can connect trough the firewall using HTTP+UUE !!!
Sending and receiving of small (iter <= 8) and big (iter 32) blocks works fine !
Until this beta I had to use the old 280 proxy...

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