[PROXYPER] Win32 client and proxy on same machine

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Mon Aug 9 22:14:04 EDT 1999

Hello Holger,

mandag, 9. august 1999, you wrote:

HS> Hello,

HS> I've installed the latest proxy for Win32 (308) and would like to run a
HS> client (7112.444) on the same machine. 

HS> "hogli" ( is the name of the machine. The problem: The client
HS> tries to connect to the proxy every second! If I switch "Disable buffer
HS> updates from/to keyserver" to yes, the client does not connect at all!

HS> How to solve this problem? I would like to connect about 30 machines if
HS> everything work well...

I have been running this for a week to test the 308 proxy to replace
my old 278 one that's running on a NT box. It worked fine using the
308 proxy and the 444-CLI client on the same Win98 box.
Try deleting your proxy dir and install the proxy again, without
deleting any lines in the .ini file, just comment out what you don't
need with a ';'

Best regards,
 Oyvind                            mailto:oyvindan at online.no

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