[PROXYPER] Trouble with DUN

Shari Hale shah at gateway.net
Sun Aug 15 13:40:56 EDT 1999

This machine is running at 440.89 . 

I am updating the client and going to the no GUI client.  I'll let you know if this fixes the prob..

Rod Fikel
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Date: Sunday, August 15, 1999 9:48 AM
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|Hello, you can always upgrade the client version, i'm running
|v2.7112.444-ctr-99072212 cli on my AMD K6II 450 without any problems so far.
|My machine is making 752,600 kkeys/s on RC5, what is your keyrate?

|Assunto: [PROXYPER] Trouble with DUN
|>Have a weird problem I want to throw out there.
|>I recently purchased a new gateway AMD K6II 400, Win98 and installed the
|Win32 GUI client  2.7106.436 . (Sure cranks out blocks allot faster than my
|old P150!! )
|>I have an  intermittent problem when I connect to the net.  I get all the
|way through the connection phase and then the computer will re-boot.  I
|believe it's the client causing the problem.  When the client is not running
|the re-boot does not occur.  Not only that, but when I try to stop the
|client from running it freezes the system.
|>Any ideas??
|>Roderick Fikel
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