[PROXYPER] Trouble with DUN

Shari Hale shah at gateway.net
Thu Aug 19 08:29:48 EDT 1999

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Date: Sunday, August 15, 1999 9:48 AM
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I updated the client on both my machines, both are running the newest non GUI Win32 clients now.  My old P150 took it in stride and is happily cranking out blocks, however, this AMD machine....well lets just say that the problem exaggerated it's-self after the upgrade.  Now I am plagued by reboots at any given time ( whenever I am connected or connecting to the net and a fetch or a flush is started my machine re-boots...so it's not such a random problem anymore now it's a plague.)  

BUT..... I was forced to shut the client down until I can figure out the problem.  It's just to frustrating to now to put up with.  (no less than three reboots in less than an hour while trying to read the USA today this morning ...)

Rod Fikel

|Hello, you can always upgrade the client version, i'm running
|v2.7112.444-ctr-99072212 cli on my AMD K6II 450 without any problems so far.
|My machine is making 752,600 kkeys/s on RC5, what is your keyrate?

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