[PROXYPER] Trouble with DUN

Hermann Roth hr990086 at mail.uni-greifswald.de
Fri Aug 20 02:43:02 EDT 1999

Hallo Nuno!

Am 15 Aug 99, um 14:34 schriebst Du:

> Hello, you can always upgrade the client version, i'm running
> v2.7112.444-ctr-99072212 cli on my AMD K6II 450 without any problems so far.
> My machine is making 752,600 kkeys/s on RC5, what is your keyrate?

Hmm. My K6 III / 400 does 645k/s. This is about 25k/s less than I'd 
expect from your keyrate. Which reminds me:

Is there anything but sheer processing power that affects the speed 
of the client (apart from multiple, open tasks, which eats in fact 
processing power)?

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