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Fri Aug 20 12:37:24 EDT 1999

You will need a new pproxy for CSC... I'm not sure if you'll need it just to
talk to the newer clients, or only to run CSC. I'm guessing that the newer
clients will refuse to talk to the older proxies, but there was some discussion
about doing it the other way, ie: holding on to CSC blocks until you can talk to
a CSC enabled proxy.

Knut Pfefferkorn wrote:
> On 17 Aug 99, at 23:29, Mike Silbersack wrote in [RC5]:
> > CSC's progressing well, bruce ford has completed the cores, bovine has
> > done the integration into the keymaster, all that remains is some
> > extensive testing and a coordinated client/proxy release.  Given the
> Does this mean we need new perproxies?
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>     knut
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