[PROXYPER] How can I get more then 1000 blocks?

Spirin Timofey boroda at borlas.ru
Wed Aug 25 11:13:09 EDT 1999

Good day(morning? night? :).

> Could you share with us why you need more than 4 days worth of blocks? Or is it
> simply because you need to be able to sneakernet pproxy buffers? We'd like to
> be able to make the pproxy as easy to use and as useful as possible without
> risking that people could easily 'drain' our network of keys.

> Thanks!
> dB!
> distributed.net Human Interface

May be you not carefully read my original message:
>> I run RC5 client on a network without internet connection and all data
>> exchange I do with floppy disk.

Of cause I can do data exchange with 7 computers without proxy (it is
much more easy because RC5 client has -import command) but in this
case I need 7 different buff-in.rc5 to be imported by floppy. That is
the difficulty. Now I do block exchange by such scheme:
1) I download a couple of blocks with proxy on computer with internet
2) I take pprc5in.rc5 to the remote net without internet connection.
3) I wait while pprc5in.rc5 in working proxy dir is empty (size =
8 bytes), shutdown proxy and replace empty pprc5in.rc5 with new file
and start proxy again.

Not so simple as I want. Sometimes I can not access to that remote
net for a week or two. So I need big pprc5in.rc5 in order to keep the
clients work and work not on random blocks. This is why I need
more than 4 days worth of blocks.

Now I know how to get more blocks than 1000 (thanks to the people
answered to my question) and one problem is gone
away. But it will be very nice if proxy has -import command. In this
case step 3) will replace with one -import command.

Best regards. Spirin Timofey.

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