[PROXYPER] How can I get more then 1000 blocks?

Attila Csipa bear at tippnet.co.yu
Wed Aug 25 14:05:32 EDT 1999

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:13:09 +0400
Spirin Timofey <boroda at borlas.ru> wrote:

> Now I know how to get more blocks than 1000 (thanks to the people
> answered to my question) and one problem is gone
> away. But it will be very nice if proxy has -import command. In this
> case step 3) will replace with one -import command.

It can be sometimes very irritating, but there is a solution (not too
elegant one, though). You can always chain-link proxies. This means that
you run two proxies on one machine (on different ports !). You set the
'lower' proxy (the one that your clients talk to) to a real high number
for incoming blocks, so the 'upper' proxy is always drained. This way,
the upper proxy has empty in-buffers and you can always fill it up. Of
course you do not have to run both proxies all the time, the upper one
can be started when exchange is needed, so no resorces are wasted.
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