[PROXYPER] Trouble with DUN

Attila Csipa bear at tippnet.co.yu
Wed Aug 25 13:59:08 EDT 1999

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999 01:43:02 +0200
"Hermann Roth" <hr990086 at mail.uni-greifswald.de> wrote:

> Is there anything but sheer processing power that affects the speed 
> of the client (apart from multiple, open tasks, which eats in fact 
> processing power)?

 Many things, the OS itself, for one, because it determines the time the
client gets as an idle process (which is not the same on all OS-s).
Sometimes there are 'drains' of (un)known origin. For example, when you
are on a Windows machine at a login prompt, the clients does less keys
than it does when you're logged in.
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