[PROXYPER] Sneakernet

Shawn Tayler stayler at powernet.net
Wed Aug 25 07:20:59 EDT 1999

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:13:09 +0400, Spirin Timofey wrote:

>Now I know how to get more blocks than 1000 (thanks to the people
>answered to my question) and one problem is gone
>away. But it will be very nice if proxy has -import command. In this
>case step 3) will replace with one -import command.

Interesting.  I'm running about 16 machines via sneakernet.  I use a floppy with subdirectories to separate the buff 
files.  I also have a few misc .BAT and .CMD files to swap out the buffers as needed.  I could send you an image of 
the floppy if you like.

I haven't tried the -import option.  I've been using the check file setting to get new buffers into a client.   I'll play with 
that one.  I have placed PProxys on a couple of the systems but sneakernet has its advantages....


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