[PROXYPER] How can I get more then 1000 blocks?

Greg Lee tatsu at tatsu.dynip.com
Wed Aug 25 10:40:13 EDT 1999

I think the client and proxy should have something like the GIMPS vacation
feature.  Have the option of setting a vacation, that way the client can
readjust and get enough blocks for the entire vacation then when the
vacation is over just reset to the normal, automatic setting.

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Mike Morrow wrote:

-Here is why I want MANUAL control rather than automatic.
-Sometimes I go away for a week or two and there is no connection to the 
-Internet during that time.  I need to stockpile keys to last for that week 
-or two.  Normally I connect every day for multiple hours every day so the 
-automatic setting knows that I need very little buffering.  But when the 
-exception comes along (sporadic, long periods without connection) the 
-automatic setting is caught with its stats down and I cannot get enough 
-keys to live for that period.
-Thank goodness that 'feature' has not been put in the clients YET!  I can 
-run them up high and get enough to last for the week.  When that 'feature' 
-gets put in the client (I hope NOT), I will be out of business when I am 
-out for business.
-Take a cue (clue) from Windows.  Automatic is NOT always better!  Unless it 
-can be turned off when the HUMAN knows better, automatic sucks!  I really 
-hate Windows (re)setting things because IT knows better than I do about my 
-environment.  The human should be able to win over 'smart' software when 
-that software is not so smart!
-My opinion, but apparently the viewpoint of others.
-Mike Morrow

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