[PROXYPER] How can I get more then 1000 blocks?

Schroeder, Dave davesc at cmi-asi.com
Wed Aug 25 13:48:33 EDT 1999

personally I just have all my clients set to keep the max blocks on hand,
and a small out buffer.  That way the clients always keep about 4 days worth
of blocks handy, and the proxy keeps another 4 days worth.  So after a 4 day
weekend my proxy is empty but the clients are still chugging along on real
blocks instead of random ones for another 4 days (for those rare occasions
that I get a decent vacation)  The only change I notice is that my proxy
logs get huge due to it trying to connect, and I have to sneaker-flush the
proxy twice to fill up all the clients again.


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> I think the client and proxy should have something like the GIMPS vacation
> feature.  Have the option of setting a vacation, that way the client can
> readjust and get enough blocks for the entire vacation then when the
> vacation is over just reset to the normal, automatic setting.
> On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Mike Morrow wrote:
> -Here is why I want MANUAL control rather than automatic.
> -
> -Sometimes I go away for a week or two and there is no connection to the 
> -Internet during that time.  I need to stockpile keys to last for that
> week 
> -or two.  Normally I connect every day for multiple hours every day so the
> -automatic setting knows that I need very little buffering.  But when the 
> -exception comes along (sporadic, long periods without connection) the 
> -automatic setting is caught with its stats down and I cannot get enough 
> -keys to live for that period.
> -
> -Thank goodness that 'feature' has not been put in the clients YET!  I can
> -run them up high and get enough to last for the week.  When that
> 'feature' 
> -gets put in the client (I hope NOT), I will be out of business when I am 
> -out for business.
> -
> -Take a cue (clue) from Windows.  Automatic is NOT always better!  Unless
> it 
> -can be turned off when the HUMAN knows better, automatic sucks!  I really
> -hate Windows (re)setting things because IT knows better than I do about
> my 
> -environment.  The human should be able to win over 'smart' software when 
> -that software is not so smart!
> -
> -My opinion, but apparently the viewpoint of others.
> -
> -Mike Morrow
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