[PROXYPER] How can I get more then 1000 blocks?

Meij Ewout MSM AD CH ewout.meij at cibasc.com
Wed Aug 25 19:58:00 EDT 1999

Am I missing the point or what? for less than 2 days ago we discussed:


this will stop your proxy from 'guessing' how many keys to get.

What I would like is something like:
operation_hours=03:00 05:00

So that the connection will only be used during hours 'no one' is really

And what would be another goody, is if the fetch would only fetch when it
reaches it's level, and the flush would flush when it reaches it's level,
and not as now, that an fetch triggers a flush and visa versa.

This is why i'd like to say thanks to Mike for writing:

 -Take a cue (clue) from Windows.  Automatic is NOT always better!  Unless
 -can be turned off when the HUMAN knows better, automatic sucks!  I really
 -hate Windows (re)setting things because IT knows better than I do about my
 -environment.  The human should be able to win over 'smart' software when
 -that software is not so smart!
 -My opinion, but apparently the viewpoint of others.
 -Mike Morrow
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