[PROXYPER] Little problem with my pproxy build 308

Chris Sweeney csweeney at cablesamerica.com
Wed Aug 25 17:44:36 EDT 1999

Your using Windows 98, the 2nd edition by any chance?  Are you using the
built in internet sharing?

Chris Sweeney 

Hi Thomas  :)) 

Thomas Drebert a écrit : 

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:03:59 +0200, you wrote: 

>Hi all  :)) 
>Someone should explain me why the signal  Ctrl-Break  doesn't work on my 
>win98 box  (yeah I know  windows sucks ...) 


I have the same Problem, change the Keyserver and try it again, search 
on the www.distributed.net for the best Keyserver for your country.


Thomas Drebert 

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Thanks for the tip but it doesn't work ... :(( 

To answer to another of you that has try to help me , I'm not behind a
firewall  . 

So , should I try to reinstall it ?? 

Thanks all  :)) 

Best regards 


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