[PROXYPER] How can I get more then 1000 blocks?

gunther.winkelmans at belgacom.be gunther.winkelmans at belgacom.be
Thu Aug 26 10:00:08 EDT 1999

The disadvantage of using your client-buffers *occasionally* is that the
blocks might already have been checked by someone else.

The last time I heard something about the recycling of blocks was that the
recycle time dropped to 1 month. DNET pleaze confirm!

This would mean that if your previous long weekend was 5 weeks or more age,
you have to delete  & refill your in-buffers of each client before the next
long weekend. While this can be a solution for some people, for many others
it won't (geographic spread of the clients, or just too many). Clients
should be install & forget. If that's not the case then please give us
maximum flexibility on the proxy side.

I can understand that dnet wants protection against hackers and newbies but
if you make it too hard for some of us to participate we'll have to quit


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personally I just have all my clients set to keep the max blocks on hand,
and a small out buffer.  That way the clients always keep about 4 days worth
of blocks handy, and the proxy keeps another 4 days worth.  So after a 4 day
weekend my proxy is empty but the clients are still chugging along on real
blocks instead of random ones for another 4 days (for those rare occasions
that I get a decent vacation)  The only change I notice is that my proxy
logs get huge due to it trying to connect, and I have to sneaker-flush the
proxy twice to fill up all the clients again.


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