[PROXYPER] Little problem with my pproxy build 308

Chris Sweeney csweeney at cablesamerica.com
Thu Aug 26 11:42:58 EDT 1999

In sygate, what are the time out settings for the connection from that port
(2064)?  I know for example in Wingate it defaults to 60 seconds and then
Wingate will break the connection, perhaps sygate has a setting like that,
that is causing the problem.  If you remove the time out for that port, or
extend it to say 120 minutes, that may fix your problem.

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I have this as well, but am NOT using the built in Internet sharing.  I'm
using sygate (http://www.sygate.com/ ) and am having the same trouble.  I
have to stop and re-start the proxy to get it to flush at all.  :-(

Your using Windows 98, the 2nd edition by any chance?  Are you using the
built in internet sharing?
Chris Sweeney
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