[PROXYPER] Little problem with my pproxy build 308

Scott Lockwood scottlockwood at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 26 15:17:10 EDT 1999

No, that's not it either.  When I "upgraded" my WinBlows partition from 98
to 98 Second Edition, the beta version of the Perproxy that I was running
(306 something or another) worked fine, including Ctrl-Break.  Only since
"upgrading" to 308 has the problem started.  It's never (308 that is) worked
right.  This isn't a winblows problem.


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does ctrl-break make the perproxy attempt a connect in win98?
or does it just do nothing?  i may be missing something but
how would win98's internet sharing affect a program's ability
to respond to keypresses?

this might seem like a silly thought, but is there a way to see
if win98 actually responds to the ctrl-break sequence anymore?

what if ms decided in their infinite wisdom that since nobody uses
those three little buttons (print screen/scroll lock/pause)
win98 ought to just ignore those keypresses and discard them
rather than letting a program respond to them.

just thought i'd throw out the idea.


At 09:36 AM 26-08-1999 -0500, you wrote:
>I have this as well, but am NOT using the built in Internet sharing.
> I'm using sygate (http://www.sygate.com/ ) and am having the same
>trouble.  I have to stop and re-start the proxy to get it to flush
>at all.  :-(
>Your using Windows 98, the 2nd edition by any chance?  Are you using
>the built in internet sharing? Chris Sweeney
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