[PROXYPER] Recycling keys

Thomas Smith jester7 at wintek.com
Thu Aug 26 17:09:43 EDT 1999

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999 10:50:52 -0700, Mike Morrow wrote:

>If I were to design it, I would mark a key done when it is returned and not 
>issue that one again.  When someone wanted a key, I would issue one that 
>had not been marked.  That is all.  No time issues to deal with at 
>all.  That seems to be useless overhead with its associated possibility for 
>errors, like any code.

The proxies must have some sort of internal logic for handing out keys.  If there was 
simply no time limit, the proxy would just hand out one block until it was done.  One 
way of avoiding this probem is to simply have a really really big array of key blocks, 
and have the proxy traverse the array in numerical order, checking to see if the block 
has been returned yet, and if not, issue it to the next person.

Unfortunately, this runs into bad things when you get near the end of a keyspace.  It will 
end up sending out the same block(s) over and over until they are done, generating 
dupes and lost effort.

So, what happens (IIRC) is that the keyserver has a queue of blocks ready to issue, and 
blocks that were already issued will be put aside in favor of new blocks, _unless_ they 
were issued a long time ago and never returned.  This way, old keyspaces get finished.  
Keys belonging to older keyspaces get higher priority, since the keymaster can only 
have so many keyspaces open.  Various other things probably also influence the order in 
which blocks are issued, but age is probably the most important.  I wouldn't know, I'm 
not developing the proxy.  

I hope I have provided enlightenment.
>Thanks for any enlightenment on this.
>Mike Morrow
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