[PROXYPER] Recycling keys

Dan Oetting oetting at gldmutt.cr.usgs.gov
Fri Aug 27 00:56:57 EDT 1999

At 10:50 -0700 8/26/1999, Mike Morrow wrote:
>To D.Net folks,
>Why would you use time recycling keys after a month or two months or EVER
>until they are needed again, naturally.

I can give you three or four reasons why you would want to recycle keys:

First there is storage space in the master server. A block is 2^28 keys so
there are 2^(64-28) or 68.7*Giga-blocks that need to be tracked. If the
keyspace is divided into 256 subspaces there are only 268 million blocks in
each subspace. Once all the blocks in a subspace are completed you no
longer need to track the individual blocks in that space.

Then there is the possibility of a coding bug that causes the client to
crash when it finds the winning key. Even though this possibility is small
the value of testing lost blocks is increased by this possibility.

And finally, you would want to recycle keys at the personal proxy level so
the servers can deal with much larger blocks and so reduce the network and
storage requirements.

I'll grant that the storage issue isn't very strong since there is only one
master server and a handful of proxy servers that need to track the
completed keyspace and they are practically giving away 9GB drives these
days. And the clients are all thoroughly and we don't want to admit the
posibility of bugs. But this is an evolving project and its possible that
before rc5-64 is cracked we will be processing keys completely differently
than we do today. If we don't finish off the sub spaces that we start we
may find that we can't finish them in the future.

-- Dan Oetting <oetting at ghtmail.cr.usgs.gov>

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