Thorsten Seidel urmel at y-tours.de
Fri Aug 27 11:41:39 EDT 1999

Moin !

"Schroeder, Dave" wrote:

> I'm hoping that the client buffers are set up as FIFO, and not the other way
> around.  I vaguely remember a discussion about that with the proxy buffers a
> while ago, and I believe that in the end they were FIFO.

They're definitely not !
I've some clients requesting only 2^32 or 2^33 Blocks.
Regardless of how many old 2^31 (or smaller) blocks there are, if the proxy has
actually some 2^32 (or better) blocks available, it will send them, and not the
old... resulting in having some VERY old small blocks, never beeing send to the
clients !

If there is a possibility to turn of this "smart" block-size matching thing,
please tell me !


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