Schroeder, Dave davesc at cmi-asi.com
Fri Aug 27 11:50:55 EDT 1999

That's not a good thing, however my concern is only with the clients'
buffers, which from the log file don't seem to go by size, so should
logically be either FIFO or LIFO.  My proxy does go completely empty at
least once a month (I like my 4 day weekends) so that is not a problem, but
does cause one if my clients also run empty.


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> Moin !
> "Schroeder, Dave" wrote:
> > I'm hoping that the client buffers are set up as FIFO, and not the other
> way
> > around.  I vaguely remember a discussion about that with the proxy
> buffers a
> > while ago, and I believe that in the end they were FIFO.
> They're definitely not !
> I've some clients requesting only 2^32 or 2^33 Blocks.
> Regardless of how many old 2^31 (or smaller) blocks there are, if the
> proxy has
> actually some 2^32 (or better) blocks available, it will send them, and
> not the
> old... resulting in having some VERY old small blocks, never beeing send
> to the
> clients !
> If there is a possibility to turn of this "smart" block-size matching
> thing,
> please tell me !
> Urmel
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