[PROXYPER] How can I get more then 1000 blocks? --> you can!

Ivo Janssen ivo at distributed.net
Tue Aug 31 09:08:33 EDT 1999

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Tim Bishop wrote:

> I couldn't agree more. It fustrated me totally when win95 came along with
> all it's automatic settings. Simple things like it constantly telling me
> I've added new hardware.....AS IF I need to be told !!

Well, automatic _can_ be better for the 90+ % of the masses who don't
care, but just want to run the client with minimal effort. But, of
course, for the powerusers who want total control, there's always the
(documented!) expertmode switch.

> I can see the sense in this feature, but I think that a way to switch it off
> would be ideal. I've tried this expertmode=1 thing and I couldn't get it
> working....but maybe I was doing something totally wrong !
in the [rc564] section, starting at version 308. (306 didn't have it)

> In my situation I have set the pproxy never to connect. It's running on a
> Linux machine which is not directly connected to the net. I use cron to send
> an ALRM signal which tells it to connect. Ideally I would like to do this on
> a weekly basis (I'm not bothered how the stats work - I have my own on my
> proxy!), but I am currently running it twice weekly because this new
> 'feature' won't let me do anything else.
You could also do "maxbufferdays=x" with x another value instead of
4. 8 would be nice in your case. (also in the rc564-section)

So. Could we please END this thread now????

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