[PROXYPER] Problem with proxy 308 thru http proxy

Leszek Kaszubowski kaszubowskil at prokom.pl
Tue Aug 31 12:23:38 EDT 1999

Ivo Janssen wrote:
>> I have only connection to Internet thru 3 level of http proxies.
>> This makes sometimes long timeouts, but pproxy 280 works fine,
>> but when I want to change it to 308, this can't flush blocks to
>> upstream proxies in these conditions. It connects to upstream
>> proxy once in a 1000 or more tries. So I continue using 280 proxy.
>> Can I set some params or do something with 308 proxy
>> to enable using it in this conditions? (Windows 95 machine)
>> [KeyServer]
>> ipaddress=euro.v27.distributed.net
>> port=2064
Thanks. Now it's OK with upstream proxy connections.
I'm switching back (or exactly forward) to 308 pproxy.


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