[PROXYPER] Bogus KeyServer?

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 5 12:36:38 EST 1999

Can someone please confirm whether a device with IP addy is
an official member of the round-robin DNetc keyserver

I find that the addy does not resolve to www.distributed.net. (But, this may
not be critical because I see three others that do not resolve to DNet. And,
it does resolve as a member(?) of the pool <us.v27.distributed.net>).

At ~2317gmt (4DEC99), this device accepted 1 full cycle of work from me
(>1K-rc564 blocks, ~350-csc blocks). I may have received credit for the csc
blocks, but received ZERO credit for the rc564 blocks! I fully realize that
the stats database has had problems of late, and I have complete confidence
in Dave McNett's abilities to ride herd on the "magic" of the stats servers.

>From the resolve of the IP addy above <smeghead.wwiv.com>, and my limited
understanding of internet operations, I can only assume that someone may be
'spoofing' the Distributed Net Key Servers and 'borrowing' other folks work.

Or, If this maybe just a timing issue, what is a better time during a
24-hour cycle to return my work? Maybe the Key Servers are just too busy
between 2300-2359gmt, and stuff is happening...........
Just a bit confused,

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