[PROXYPER] Bogus KeyServer?

Andreas Beckmann andreas.beckmann at student.uni-halle.de
Sun Dec 5 22:29:05 EST 1999

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Date: Sunday, December 05, 1999 9:36 PM
Subject: [PROXYPER] Bogus KeyServer?

>Can someone please confirm whether a device with IP addy is
>an official member of the round-robin DNetc keyserver
>I find that the addy does not resolve to www.distributed.net. (But, this may
>not be critical because I see three others that do not resolve to DNet. And,
>it does resolve as a member(?) of the pool <us.v27.distributed.net>).

Official Name: smeghead.wwiv.com
*** IP Address: ***
Official Name: us.v27.distributed.net
IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
*** IP Address: ***
IP Address:

It is.

>At ~2317gmt (4DEC99), this device accepted 1 full cycle of work from me
>(>1K-rc564 blocks, ~350-csc blocks). I may have received credit for the csc
>blocks, but received ZERO credit for the rc564 blocks! I fully realize that
>the stats database has had problems of late, and I have complete confidence
>in Dave McNett's abilities to ride herd on the "magic" of the stats servers.
>>From the resolve of the IP addy above <smeghead.wwiv.com>, and my limited
>understanding of internet operations, I can only assume that someone may be
>'spoofing' the Distributed Net Key Servers and 'borrowing' other folks work.

Noone is spoofing a dnet server and 'borrowing' your work!

>Or, If this maybe just a timing issue, what is a better time during a
>24-hour cycle to return my work? Maybe the Key Servers are just too busy
>between 2300-2359gmt, and stuff is happening...........
>Just a bit confused,

just wait a day or two and your blocks will appear in the stats.
I've seen this myself several times. The network seems to be too busy to get all blocks flushed short time before midnight (UTC) into the keymaster.

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