[PROXYPER] port 2064 w/firwalls

Jonathan Ah Kit ahkitj at paradise.net.nz
Wed Dec 8 19:54:00 EST 1999


Slightly offtopic I s'pose, but I don't think the 'random' ports are a
problem. IIRC from watching the program netstat (do other OSs than the Win32
Win9x flavours have this one?), those are the outgoing port numbers and the
incoming ports are the ones that are fixed in number, right? Or am I
wrong...? :)

I mean, even virtually all my Internet programs, from my web browser to
telnet program seem to exhibit this 'random' port number for the outgoing
port number according to netstat.

Jonathan. :)
Jonathan Ah Kit
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> Meelis,
>   Thank you for you explanation of TCP behavior. These random ports seem
> completely fool the 'firewall' and generate no promiscuous hits in the BID
> tracking log. This is the first time I have seen it in action. On the
> previous clients (2.7106.435), they always used port 2064 (as recorded in
> their logs). I may turn off my 'firewall' and see if these new clients
> continue this 'normal' port behavior. I'm still learning. I find this
> brute-force dedication to return work to the proxy interesting in spite of
> the 'firewall' application I also have running. Sometimes I just sit back,
> watch the machines, and say, "Far F*(king Out!"
> Duncan

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