[PROXYPER] HTTP proxy different in clients?

Andy Key akey123 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 13:51:35 EST 1999

Personal Proxy (build 311) on Windows NT (x86).

I've got a small isolated network that I've been feeding via a personal 
proxy.  I would stop the proxy, copy the files over to a machine with a 
permanent connection, fire up the personal proxy.  As soon as it connected 
and completed updating its buffers, I'd shut it down, and move it back to 
the isolated network.

All was well and good until recently.  For some reason (possibly even a 
change in the firewall configuration), the personal proxy is no longer able 
to get through the firewall, even though the clients (v2.8002-446 client for 
Win32) that I have installed on machines with a permanent connection can 
connect via HTTP tunneling.  Does the personal proxy use different code for 
connecting than the normal clients?

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