[PROXYPER] Bad build/cpu/os corrected

Amador, Orlando M. [OBI] oamador at OBIPR.JNJ.com
Tue Dec 14 08:32:20 EST 1999

I noticed a decrease on the number of packets reported since upgrading some
clients to the 8002 clients.  Since upgrading to the 3.11 proxy, the number
of packets has climbed up.  I'm not sure if this was a coincidence or it is


Orlando M. Amador
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		Hi folks!
		what's about a build 311 perproxy reporting blocks to
another build 308
		(the build 311 proxy receives blocks from build 446 and 443
clients/all work
		only on rc5)
		has anybody infomation on this or just tested it?

		my team suffers from extreeem block loss since abt the 18th
of november!

		> You need to use a 311+ proxy if you plan to use v2.800x+
clients (even if
		> you plan to only allow your clients process rc5 blocks).
Minimally, your
		> clients are being reported back to distributed.net as
using an unknown
		> processor/cpu.
		> On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Amador, Orlando M. [OBI] wrote:
		> > How bad is this error message?  Is there anything that
can prevent this?
		> > The Client is build 8002 for Linux (Intel) and the proxy
is build 308
		> also
		> > on Linux.
		> > 
		> > 
		> > 12/09/99 17:56:11,Bad build/cpu/os corrected.
		> > 12/09/99 17:56:11,Client: Received completed rc564
		> iter 1
		> > from 
		> > 
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