[PROXYPER] Please Help ! on Proxyper311/ FreeBSD

尾形 茂之 ogata at avsd.mci.mei.co.jp
Wed Dec 15 15:51:09 EST 1999

Dear Experts,

I am now trying to upgrade my proxyper into the latest one and have
several problems with proxyper311(FreeBSD) on Rel2-2-8 .

I have been keeping proxyper280 but I am afraid recently some part of RC5 key
cannot be accepted by d.n. I have no idea whose key maked bad, and anyway
I want to participate in the CSC, too.  

(1)Proxyper keeps running every 1 minute ,although I set `connectperiod` larger.
(2)It sometimes gives core file and stops ,saying bad system call
   if I set conlog enable.

Any advice or suggestion is appreciated.  

Shigeyuki Ogata
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