Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Wed Dec 15 15:09:09 EST 1999

Hello Paul,

onsdag, 15. desember 1999, you wrote:

PW> On 14 Dec 99, at 15:22, oyvindan at online.no wrote:

>> SMD> What kinda speeds are people getting in the new csc clients?
>> 1.06 MKeys/sec on a Intel Celeron 466

PW> That would be RC5 rather than CSC blocks, presumably? Only I'm 
PW> using a Celeron 400, and there's no way it could hit that speed for 
PW> CSC blocks. That rate's closer to 350-400.

That *is* CSC with the new MMX aware client (8003-448 iirc), the first
CSC client only gave me 550KKeys...

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