[PROXYPER] Please Help ! on Proxyper311/ FreeBSD

尾形 茂之 ogata at avsd.mci.mei.co.jp
Thu Dec 16 19:55:17 EST 1999

Hello Estartu-san,

Yes! I will do the same way. Now I set crontab to see PP alive. 

Last night I tried  `while(1) proxyper ; echo oaps` without
console log ,but it died twice.

Subject: Re[2]: [PROXYPER] Please Help ! on Proxyper311/ FreeBSD
Gerhard Schmidt san wrote on Thu, 16 Dec 1999 06:25:08 +0100			
|The 2. Problem Iエve expirence too. Iエm running my perproxy on a 
|FreeBSD 2.2.7 maschine. 
|I Fixed the Problem by writing a shell script restarting the pp when 
|it dies , but thats only a Temporary Fix. 
|	Estartu

Thank you and good luck.

Shigeyuki Ogata
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