[PROXYPER] Odd connection times ?

Tim Bishop timbishop at bigfoot.com
Thu Dec 23 13:42:22 EST 1999


I'm am running proxyper on Redhat Linux, and everything has worked well for
the last few months....until I updated to the latest proxyper version. This
is the build I'm now running.

12/22/99 18:09:28,distributed.net Personal Proxy (build 311)

My problem is that I have the proxy set to never connect automatically, the
idea being that I can use cron to do it weekly, or manually do it when I'm
online. Here is the relevant line to show this is setup right.

12/22/99 18:09:30,Notice: connectivity mode is offline

Now, recently I have noticed it connecting at odd times by itself, and due
to my network setup it has successfully launced an internet connection. From
what I can tell this is what's going on;

12/23/99 07:50:16,Status: Uplink needed... (connect period elapsed)
12/23/99 07:50:16,Status: Creating uplink (outgoing server) connection.

The problem is I have no idea why this is happening ! Surely with the
connection mode set to offline it should _never_ try to connect by itself ?
Maybe this is simply a bug, or maybe I have something setup wrong !

Help would be very much appreciated.

Tim Bishop.

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