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Peter Værlien pvarlien at online.no
Fri Dec 24 01:03:18 EST 1999

Well, I for one, need proxyper 311 on IRIX.....

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I simply can't understand how it is that so much people is still not running
csc clients... ;-)

Even more if you remember that there is another group trying to do the
same... (www.dcypher.com). They are so much slower than us (They have
explored a little bit more than a 6 per cent), but we don't know the order
they are running...

Please, download csc clients. :-)

And don't answer me, unless direct email. I know it is an off-topic, and I'm
very sorry. I don't want to start a useless discussion.


Guillermo Leira
gleira at quisar.com

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