[PROXYPER] PowerPC PProxy to build

Jerome Lamarque jlamarque1 at cybercable.fr
Fri Dec 31 15:35:19 EST 1999

Hi Peter,
À (At) 1:30 -0400 25/12/1999, Peter Cordes écrivait (wrote) :
>On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Jerome Lamarque wrote:
> >
> > Yeah sure, and how are we supposed to install a personal proxy when
> > we only have Macs, BeBoxen and Amigas or other PowerPC based
> > computers?
> >
> > I'd really like to know.
> If you run Unix (like Linux or *BSD) on any of your PPC boxes, it should
>be easy to get a pproxy compiled for your system.

Sometimes, I run MkLinux on my 6100/60, it's connected to a cable 
modem and this would be my pproxy. I'm installing NetBSD on my old 
Mac SE/30 and planning to do the same with my BeBox when I get it to 
Boot again to help with the port.

>  (This is just
>speculation, but LinuxPPC is source compatible with other Linux ports, as
>long as the program in question doesn't use any inline assembly or
>platform-specific stuff (like devices).  I'd be surprised if there was
>any non-portable stuff like that in the pproxy.)

This requires a source code to actually compile a PProxy server for 
PowerPC. Source code which I don't have.

> If not, maybe Be would be a good platform?  Any idea what kind of network
>API it has?  (BSD-style sockets would be perfect, since it is widely

Too bad, my BeBox is wrecked, I'll have to find a way to reboot it.

> If you aren't a programmer, you can see what Be does seeing if
>this compiles and runs.  You compile it with gcc, and run the binary, like
>this: (in Be, you should pop open a Terminal, where you get a bash2 shell,
>and gcc (if your Be system is anything like my friends which I had a few
>minutes to check out).

I got CodeWarrior 8 which includes a C/C++ compiler for BeOS DR8 and 
my BeBox used to be like your friends' :-(

>Hehe, if you are a C programmer yourself, then sorry for insulting your
>intelligence.  :)  I know how obvious all the stuff I just said is to
>those who know C.

Well, I'm not yet a C programmer.

> (disclaimer: I've never seen the code for the pproxy. :)

Welcome into the club :)

> Happy hacking, and merry Christmas to the Christians on this list :)

Happy New Year (last time before happy new Millenium).

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