[PROXYPER] answer to hiding perproxy on win9x/nt [RE-POST]

KSaff ksaff at execpc.com
Tue Feb 2 22:38:47 EST 1999

The question seems to be coming up again.  Here's a re-post for newer

KSaff wrote:

> Yes, Trayer does work for this purpose. I have been using it for
> several months.  I use the following shortcut properties command line
> in my startup group:
> C:\WINDOWS\TRAYER.EXE C:\WINDOWS\command.com /cmdline="/c ''D:\Program
> Files\rc5Proxy\rc5proxy.exe''" /icon=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\shell32.dll,18
> /caption="MS" /updateicon=1 /child=1 /launcher=2 /single=1
> [all one line of course]
> where Trayer.exe is in c:\windows.  I call a custom command.com so
> that I can use a 50 line screen (instead of 23).  If you only care to
> see a standard DOS box, you can call the rc5proxy.exe directly. Follow
> the trayer instructions and it will build your shortcut for you, if
> you wish.
> A single click on the tray icon will bring up the proxy DOS box
> window. The only caveat I have found is that you must manually shut
> down the proxy (CTRL-C in the DOS box) before rebooting or shutting
> down Windows.
> Kent
> John Poznicek wrote:
>> I remember an old thread asking about hiding the dos box of the
>> perproxy,
>> don't remember seeing a good answer then.  But I think I have found
>> the best
>> solution :)
>> http://home.pacific.net.sg/~ngkf/trayer/default.htm
>> It doesn't completely hide it - which is a good thing, it moves it
>> to the
>> tray, out of the way - but still avail for looking at, ie you can
>> move your
>> mouse over and see how many blocks done, avail, etc...
>> John
>> Team #2349
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