[PROXYPER] Proxy in and out files

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Mon Feb 8 20:28:29 EST 1999

Hello Rc5,

mandag, 8. februar 1999, you wrote:

rxncu> You obviously did not properly shut down the pproxy before running
rxncu> -repair.

rxncu> If the proxy is DEFINATELY NOT RUNNING type

rxncu> proxyper -unlock
rxncu> proxyper -repair

rxncu> You should shut down the pproxy cleanly (send it a SIGHUP).

It's a build 300 proxy, running on a NT box, and I did shut it down
properly... I went back to my trusty old 280 pproxy when I'd gotten
two buffers that can't be used..
Tried both -unlock and -repair, and couldn't see any difference...


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