[PROXYPER] Proxy in and out files

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Mon Feb 8 23:56:37 EST 1999

Hello Joseph,

mandag, 8. februar 1999, you wrote:

>>Which gives me lots of error messages saying the perproxy 'attempting
>>lock on ppbuffin.rc5' etc and finally failing... I've got a couple of
>>thousand blocks sitting in buffer files that I can't flush..
>>Best regards,
>> Oyvind                            mailto:oyvindan at online.no

JA> I've found the same sort of problem.

JA> I created two desktop icons, one with the command line
JA> switches -unlock -repair
JA> the other just the straight proxy call.

JA> When my system boots, I run the first (it exits itself) then the second.
JA> This works well and has appeared to solve all my problems.

You run both switches on 1 command line??
I'll try that!

Best regards,
 Oyvind                            mailto:oyvindan at online.no

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