[PROXYPER] Re: What's happening to my 304?

Mike Morrow serverguy at vallejonet.net
Tue Feb 9 11:11:22 EST 1999

To Windows Pproxy users,

I am sorry.  In my rush to school last night, I did not notice that
PageMill misfired and did not get the new PproxyMon page uploaded to

The new page is now there with the link to the new version.  PProxyMon 3.04
goes with Personal Proxy 3.04.  Previously, only version 1.34 was shown and
that is valid for Personal Proxy 2.80 only.  Full details on the web page.
I hope to combine them into one executable for both versions if I have time
this weekend.

Sorry for the confusion.  PageMill seems to ignore my requests sometimes.
It is nice when it works, but when it doesn't....  

Please send bug reports on PProxyMon directly to mike at micratek.com and not
to this list, if possible.


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