[PROXYPER] Proxy in and out files

Attila Csipa cipa at uns.ns.ac.yu
Wed Feb 10 11:24:32 EST 1999

At 09:07 AM 2/9/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> I just looked up the syntax, run pproxy with -repair to check/repair your
>> buffer files.
>that only works if your perproxy supports them... you should state what
>version... FWIW: the perproxy i run on this OS/2 box doesn't support
>that/those commands to my knowledge...

 ? The first public 3xx series OS/2 PProxy was 304 or 303, I think, and in
the readme.os2 the author suggested -unlock -repair at every startup. I
don't think that the author would put in such an OS/2 specific comment
without the implementation of those functions.

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