[PROXYPER] Win32 Proxy v304 Lurkonly dialout problem

David J P Bodger davebodger at bigfoot.com
Wed Feb 10 22:44:00 EST 1999

Does anyone know if there is anything special you have to do to get
'lurkonly' mode to work properly in v304 ?

I have both a Proxy and a Client running on my main machine which is the
only computer on the network with dial-out access to the Internet.
I have them both set to 'lurkonly' and the Client (v2.7105.432) works
flawlessly but the Proxy keeps trying to dial out from time to time even
though it has noticed the link is down.
i.e. it logs a message saying "Dialup Connection Disconnected" but then
says "Creating outgoing server connection" straight after.
If I don't hit the cancel button quick enough then its another pocketfull
of money thrown to the phone company (it's caught me a couple of time when
I've left the computer thinking it's disconnected OK only to come back an
hour later to find its gone online again).
If I do catch it then thereafter it works OK until the next time it goes
online and off again - if you see what I mean.

I know the simple solution to this is just to turn off the modem so it
can't dial out, and that's what I'm doing at the moment, but I would like
to set the system up to dial out once a day while I'm on holiday for a
couple of weeks.
I can't risk that with it in it's current state - it might leave me online
all day. :-(

I've looked through the documentation but can't see anything obvious other
than setting "connectivity=lurkonly".
Perhaps the assembled gurus can advise of any special mantras to be chanted?

All the best.


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